Anti Bullying Week

18th November 2013

We are supporting Anti-bullying week at Hillcrest. Although bullying is rare at our school it is so important that we are able to identify it and act quickly in order to stop it.

In assembly today we looked at the different forms bullying can take:

Verbal (name calling, teasing),
Physical (violence, aggressive/intimidating body language),
Social (excluding from a group, ganging up),
Cyber (unkind comments on social network sites, sharing of unkind images, forwarding on of comments that are unkind).
We also then looked at how we judge whether unkind behaviour is bullying or just friends falling out. We agreed that if it happened again and again and if it was always directed at the same people, we would call it bullying.

We used the word STOP to help:
We also used the word STOP to think about how to deal with bullying
Stand Up (Tell the bully to stop)
Take Action (Walk away, go to a safe place, go to someone you trust)
Open Up (Tell someone you trust about the bullying including any historical issues)
Protect Yourself (It's not your fault that this is happening, make sure you don't become a victim and protect yourself by acting appropriately to help make it stop)

All week children will be spending some time in classes to look at issues around bullying and how they can protect themselves against bullying behaviour. Together we can help STOP bullying altogether!


Monday morning assembly to promote anti-bullying week.