Dam Buster talk

17th November 2014
Hillcrest has been honoured today with a visit from George 'Johnny' Johnson, the last surviving member of the Dam Busters.  Mr Johnson, who was a Junior school teacher after his RAF career, spoke for over forty minutes to a rapt audience of Yr 6 children and lots of parents and relatives (one came all the way from Andover!) about the famous Dam Buster raid. 
He took questions from the audience and, afterwards, the children were able to show him things they had drawn and made, ask for his autograph and shake his hand.  One of the parents, who had brought a copy of his book to be signed, presented him with a bottle of Scotch! 
Thank you very much to Ms Norman, who is a friend of his granddaughter's, for arranging the visit. 
The Evening Post sent a reporter and a photographer so we'll be looking out for the report in the next few days.  Reporters from our very own Hillcrest Herald were also there to cover the event - we're very much looking forward to reading their report in the next edition.