Film Club Visitor

27th April 2017
Film Club were very lucky to have a visit from a real film director!
Thank you to Robin Toyne, Dad to Ben in Yr 4, who came to talk to Film Club about his role as a director and what goes on behind the scenes to create a film. It was a real eye-opener!

He brought in some props and a film reel and showed some short films that he has directed. 

"I really enjoyed having a talk about all the different people that work on films. I found out that you need a lot more than one person to work a camera as they are so big!"  - Arlo Marshall 

"I liked seeing the the film reel because it's so interesting how it shows each little picture so quickly that it becomes a film." - Ned Heynes 

"I didn't know that it takes so long to make a film. They sometimes only film three minutes in a whole day!" - Elodie Boutler