Influence of Blues

7th October 2013

Continuing a focus linked to Black History Month, my assembly today looked at the influence of Blues music.

I started by exploring what influence means. We said that to have influence means that you have an impact on how others think, feel or act. There are many ways that a person can become influential and hopefully the biggest factor is to have a passion for something and a talent which inspires others.

I love Blues music and its story is part of all modern music today. (I would argue anyway!)
We looked at how some huge musical acts have been directly influenced by the blues artists of the past and how the story and meaning of blues still resonates.

Finally I hoped to get across to the children how by exploring the influences of their own heroes (musical or otherwise) they can discover how people’s lives are shaped by the actions of those before them. There is also the exciting chance that you will discover new heroes of your own which could help inspire you to greatness.

Follow the link for my assembly that includes some great video footage from the likes of Howlin’ Wolf, the Rolling Stones and even a splash of Beyonce. (Be warned the videos take quite a while to load...sorry)

(The music playing at the start was ‘Proud Mary’ by Tina Turner)