Introducing Mrs Lewis

4th September 2017
Dear Parents and Carers
I would like to introduce myself as the new Headteacher of Hillcrest Primary School. I am extremely excited to have been appointed to this role as Hillcrest has always been my dream destination.
During my teaching career I have worked in South and Central Bristol and have been a Headteacher since 2015. From this experience I know that working in close partnership with parents and the community helps to ensure a school is successful and happy and so I value your feedback and hope to meet you soon.
When visiting the school, I was particularly impressed by the fantastically committed and skilled staff and the feeling of enjoyment and fun that radiated throughout the school. The children clearly care for each other and enjoy being at school. My intention is to enhance what is already a great place for children to learn, not to introduce sweeping changes.
I really look forward to meeting you all. If you need to arrange a meeting with me, see me in the playground first thing, or make an appointment at the office.
Gina Lewis