Off by Heart Competition

21st April 2016


Hillcrest’s ‘Off by Heart’ Poetry Recital Competition

This week’s mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn a brilliant poem off by heart and perform it to your classmates next week. 

Sure, reading and writing is great, but this is a chance to throw aside our pens and paper, get up on our feet and celebrate the spoken word. 

On Thursday, your teacher is going to share three specially chosen poems with you (the choice of poems for each Year Group are in the link below). Enjoy watching them perform each one and the subsequent discussions. You then have the tricky job of choosing just one that you are going to take home to try your very best to learn off by heart. You will also get the chance to decide how you want to perform it.

Your teacher will organise a class recital on Wednesday next week (27th April), which will perhaps lead into a mini year group final.

The winner from each class will go on to perform in front of the whole school and a special panel of judges in the grand final, which will take place in the hall on the afternoon of Thursday 28th April.

Miss Swain’s Top Tips

  • Tell the story
  • Think about hoyou use your voice (volume, tone, intonation and pace)
  • Think about how you use your body (facial expressions, gestures etc.)
  • Think about how you use the space (poems can work brilliantly with lots of movement but can be equally powerful with hardly any)
  • Practise, practise, practise (You have a whole week, so don’t leave it until Tuesday evening to learn)
  • Be brave
  • Use all four elements
  • Have fun 

Miss Swain (English Leader)

Here are a three great poetry performances from Benjamin Zephaniah, Michael Rosen (what a story teller!) and Spike Milligan to inspire you!