RE Day Loveliness!

19th July 2017
You may have caught the buzz from the children about the wonderful RE day Mr Mac devised for us on Monday.
In the morning, every child had ten minutes to talk to someone from another year group that they didn't know previously.  Mr Mac had suggested some questions they might like to ask to find out as much as they could about each other.
After the exercise, Mr Mac asked everyone to make something for the person they had got to know.... a task the children took on with great enthusiasm. 
Later in the day, the pairs got together again in the sunshine and exchanged their gifts.  The absolute delight on the faces of children across the year groups was a pleasure to see.  
In the follow-up assembly at the end of the day Mr Mac showed some of the gifts and he and the children talked about how much thought and effort had gone into making something very special and personal for their new friends. They had taken huge pleasure in both giving and receiving the gifts and felt that they had made a real connection with someone new.
Mr Mac asked why, when the instruction had simply been 'make something', EVERY child had gone to great pains to make something nice, that they really wanted the other child to enjoy. It seems that we all have an inbuilt instinct for kindness... it makes us feel good both to be kind and to receive kindness from someone else.
Looking at the golden rules of the major religions, we discovered that they all have kindness to others as one of their central tenets.
The day gave the children (and staff) a touching and memorable illustration of the pleasure of kindness and thoughtfulness to others.  
Thank you, Mr Mac, for a wonderful day.