SATS Success!

13th July 2017

Our SATs results have come back and they show a continuing improving trend for outcomes for children.

In Year 6 our results show that 79% of all pupils achieved the expected standard in English and Maths. This is above the national figure of 61% and builds upon our own results last year of 69%.

You can find the full details here including Y6 results for individual subjects, outcomes for KS1 pupils as well as our Early Years outcomes.

We do not consider a set of SAT results to be the defining measure of a school’s success but it is part of the overall positive picture.

Thank you to all the staff (Year 6 and those teachers and TPs that taught the children in previous years) for all their dedication and hard work towards improving outcomes for children at Hillcrest.

And, of course, big thanks and congratulations to all the children who have worked hard – and with a positive attitude to their learning – all year.