6th July 2017
It's great that so many children cycle and scoot to school and our bike and scooter racks are usually packed.
However, we often have upsets when children can't find their scooters at the end of the day.  It usually turns out that someone's taken the wrong one by mistake as lots of them look very similar.  
Perhaps we could start a trend for customising or accessorising (or at least name labelling!) so it's easier for children to spot their own scooter? How about adding some stickers or coloured sticky tape or breaking out the Humbrol enamels and getting creative?
There's currently a black JD Bug missing so please check at home and pop it into the office if your child's taken it home by accident.
Missing scooters do, generally, turn up but please remember that they are left in the racks at your own risk. We cannot guarantee their security, particularly when the gates are open at the beginning and end of the school day. 
We always have some scooters left in the racks at the end of the day.  Please make sure yours goes home before the end of term. Mr Dean will be taking any scooters left in school over the Summer to the charity shop!