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27 January 2023

Yr 3

Match the Latin words to the English words that come from them:

  • pedes  (feet)             laborious (when something is hard work)
  • canis (dog)               manicure (a beauty treatment for hands)
  • locus (place)             pedicure (a beauty treatment for feet)
  • laborare (to work)     canine (to do with dogs)
  • manus (hand)           locate (to find where something is)


Find the verbsubject (thing doing the verb) and the object (thing having the verb done to it) in the following sentences:

  • The cat eats the fish.
  • The Roman soldier fights the Celtic warrior.



Yr 4, 5 & 6 

What do these two questions mean and which verb is being used? 

  • Quid es?   
  • Quid estis?


Translate the following into English: 

  • Porci sumus.
  • Magus est.
  • Feminae sunt.
  • Vacca sum.