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Boy choristers, 8 -13yrs for Christ Church choir - £630 per year!

Enjoy Singing?

Are you a boy aged 8 - 13?


Join our city church choir and earn 

£630 per year plus travel expenses!


One practice 7 - 9pm on Thursday

Sunday services - 11am & 6.30pm

Christmas and Easter specials too!


Christ Church, Broad Street, Bristol BS1 2EJ

For more info call Jonathan Price: 01934 906878



Boys are not required to sing during August, nor on Christmas morning, and may have other Sundays on leave, at the discretion of the Choirmaster, without their grant being affected.


Some comments from young, current choristers...


  • It makes you rich! And you realise that a lot of the songs we know have been copied from old church songs. I've learned a lot.


  • It gives you a chance to sing. There are lots of nice people there and it's lots of fun.


  • I have gained cash and I love it that I can now sing confidently.


  • I love the £630 a year and the comedy at the break in the practice. I used not to be able to sing very high, but now that is one of my talents.


And from a Mum...


  • Having a boy in choir is a commitment, and it has given my son a very valuable insight into the work ethic. In the year and a half that he's been a trainee chorister his voice has progressed beyond recognition. He's learned a lot about working with others and, although he can grumble, he enjoys being a valued member of a team. Our family has forgone a few activities because he is busy on Sundays, but any sacrifice is more than outweighed by him being paid to get a musical education that will enrich his whole life. also, for a few hours a week I am glad not to be fighting to stop screen time!