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Bristol South Aikido is looking for more children for its Saturday morning class for ages 5-11. My daughter (in Reception) has been going and loves it. It's a structured but fun and active session and has been great for encouraging her assertiveness and physical confidence.


Juniors class (ages 5-11)

Saturdays 9:30-10:30 am at Bristol South Aikido Dojo, Fortfield Road BS14 9NX (5 minutes down Wells Road)

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Junior classes


Aikido is an excellent martial art for children. Like all martial arts, it can help to build a child’s confidence and sense of self-reliance, as well as providing a good form of physical exercise. In addition, aikido strongly emphasises collaborative training, conflict resolution, and respect for others, all of which help children to develop positive social skills.

The Junior classes at Bristol South offer an opportunity for children aged between 5 and 10 to make new friends, burn off excess energy and have fun in a safe environment whilst also learning the rudiments of aikido. Older children and teenagers can benefit from the Young People’s class, which investigates aikido in more depth and starts examining the more martial aspects of the art.


The children’s classes follow the National Aikido Federation’s Junior grading system, with a system of coloured belts to encourage children’s progress through the grades. The final grade in this system (17th mon, which, with regular training, is usually achieved around the age of 16-18) and is equivalent to an adult 3rd-1st kyu which will be conferred after a "adult transition" course to assess their level at the time, and older students can attend the adult classes at this level.