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Community Action

Community Committee Date Monday 15th November


Group in attendance

Mrs Lamb    Henry (2WH)   Daisy (2KL)   Bella (3EN)   Woody (3NA)   Lucy (4SL)   Lily (4RT)   Aleks (6NW)   Henry (6NW)   Alba (6PB)   Lillie (6PB)  


Absent: Evie (5CS)  Harris (5DB)  Sophie (6PB)




Lucy came up with the idea of getting the community to help us do the gardening.


We looked at the raised beds to see if access could be gained without coming into school especially during the holidays and at weekends – It was agreed that we would need a coded padlock.


Discussion around Covid and safety and whether adults could work with children.


Children thought of putting up posters to invite members of the community to help.


Then it was decided that leaflets would be a good idea with children posting them through letter boxes in their surrounding streets with their parents help.


Next meeting we will design the leaflets.