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Important survey from Friends of Jubilee Pool

Jubilee Pool in Knowle has been serving the South Bristol community for almost 85 years. Since reopening after lockdown, it has been busier than ever. It is used by seven schools, and over 4,500 unique individuals attended from mid-April to mid-December.

Unfortunately, unless it can be taken into community ownership, Jubilee Pool will close permanently at the end of March 2022. Friends of Jubilee Pool is a voluntary organisation formed of committed local residents. They submitted a formal expression of interest for a community asset transfer at the start of January. More information on their work can be seen on their website.

If they manage to keep it open, the mission is to make the pool sustainable, accessible and of the highest quality - a community-led, not-for-profit and inclusive facility for everyone in Knowle and South Bristol.
To help Friends of Jubilee Pool write a strong business plan and make this happen, they need to know what’s important to you. Whether you’re a pool user or not, they want to hear from you!


Please participate in their anonymous online survey by 19th February and help save Jubilee Pool:

#savejubileepool #southbristol #haveyoursay