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Knowle Public Meeting


  • Broadwalk/Redcatch Quarter Development
  • Mayoral Vote - thanks
  • Jubilee Pool 
  • Parks Improvements Money - Petition 

The first item is announcing a public meeting at Redcatch Community Centre to hear information and opinion on the new Broadwalk/Redcatch Quarter development.   It will be at 7pm on Friday 24th June.  Chris will chair the meeting and there will be short  presentations from the developers, the group objecting to the scheme and from Gary.  Chris will then be inviting questions for all 3 and the event will wind up with a very short statement from all 3 presenters. Plans have evolved but we are now getting close to when the planning application will be submitted.   A big thanks to all who turned out to vote to remove the mayor system. We are trying to persuade parties to work together to try to limit some of the excesses while we see out the remaining 2 years before the mayor’s office is abolished.   We have concerns that the mayor might try to impose further unfair conditions on the new Jubilee Pool team. He has already demanded a share of profits and has overruled our budget amendment  to loan money for energy efficiency, which was supported by a majority of councillors. The group have applied for local planning levy funds for vital repairs and councillors are likely to approve this.   Thanks to those signing the petition to stop the mayor hijacking locally raised funds for Parks improvements. The link to the online petition was not published last month. Here it is - CONTACT YOUR COUNCILLORS We are available every day not just at elections

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