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Litter Legends

"I was really inspired by your letter to the 2 Minute Foundation and the new Litter Legends action group you have created to keep your community and school clean.


You are setting a wonderful example for other pupils and your entire neighbourhood about how to care for the planet by taking a few minutes care and attention. It is your generation, growing up educated and making a difference that will, in time, create a world without litter.


I wanted to thank you for giving your precious time to support our campaign and so that we can support your group I have enclosed some copies of the Kids Fight Climate Change book.


On learning about your letter our founder Martin Dorey wanted to personally sign your books, which he hopes will inspire you further with your excellent work.


I'm sure your parents and Miss Norman must be very proud of you all.


We look forward to making your special litter station.


Happy litter picking Litter Legends!


Many Thanks


Angus McKenzie

Stations Coordinator

The 2 Minute Foundation"



And here's our fantastic litter station! Well done team!