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Mailbag 1 October 2021

Mailbag 1 October 2021


It’s been lovely to welcome parents back into school for our Curriculum Evenings. We hope you found them informative. If you couldn’t make the event in person the presentations will be on the website shortly.


A massive congratulations to our newly elected House Captains and Vice Captains. You can find out about the election and the winners here. These children will also be running our School Parliament this year. This will consist of eight committees which are:-


  • Eco committee
  • Equalities and Diversity committee
  • Well-Being committee
  • Litter committee
  • Fundraising committee
  • School Grounds committee
  • The 3 B’s committee
  • Community committee


Each committee will be made up of at least one representative from each class in Yrs 3-6 and will be supported by one or more members of staff. They will be meeting fortnightly to plan actions for the term and feed back to the rest of the school, informing them of ways they can help.


Class Parliament


As well as the committee members from Yrs 3-6 each class, Reception to Yr 5 will vote for one Class Rep/Member of Parliament.


Each Class MP will have a meeting with their class once a term to discuss school-wide issues and then the Class MP will meet with the Yr 6 House Captains/Vice Captains, the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher to share their thoughts and see if any actions can be put in place. I am sure we will get lots of volunteers and look forward to meeting those newly elected next week.


Bridget Norman


News for everyone


Fish and Chip Thursday - Next Thursday, 7th October, is School Census day. The number of children taking a school meal that day determines the funding we get for Universal Free School Meals for the whole year. The kitchen will swap the Thursday and Friday menus and serve fish fingers and chips - the most popular lunch - on Thursday. It would help our school finances to have as many children as possible having a meal that day.



Meat-free Mondays - Children can choose between two vegetarian options on Mondays. They will need to tell their teacher at registration which meal they would like. There will also be the jacket potato option, as usual. The menu is on a three week cycle, starting next Monday:


  • Week 1 - Mac & Cheese or Vegetable Burritos
  • Week 2 - Cheese & Tomato Pizza or Veggie Bolognese
  • Week 3 - Mac & Cheese or Vegetarian Sausage



Christmas Dinner is open for booking on Gateway now. The deadline for orders is Friday 3rd December at 4pm. The KS1 and Reception meal is free (but still needs be ordered) and KS2 is £2.25.



Be #Online Safety Savvy - Keep up with the latest apps, games and tech your children are using. We recommend signing up to the free National Online Safety app, which offers parents and carers lots of advice and short videos about e-safety and safety guides for all the different apps/games where children can access online features. This is the site we will be using for teaching e-safety this year.


National Online Safety letter


National Online Safety flyer



Flu Vaccination - As you know, our date has been cancelled because the immunisation team is prioritising the roll out of the COVID jab to secondary school children. We haven’t been sent a new date yet. If your child is in a higher risk group and is offered the nasal vaccine by your surgery it might be a good idea to do that rather than waiting.



Parents Evenings for all year groups, except Yr 5, are on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th October, between 4pm and 7pm. Meetings will be face to face (except for 4RT - Mr Taylor will be holding his meetings via Zoom). Appointments are 10 minutes long.


The Yr 5 teachers will be away at camp so their Parents Evenings will be on Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th November instead.


If you haven’t already, book an appointment with your child’s teacher using the automated booking system:



Congratulations to this week’s Celebration Award winners!



Creaky start to Free Wheel Fridays! Apologies for this morning’s late start. It won’t happen again!



CoMMinS Study - The Bristol University study on Covid in schools has the go-ahead to continue until Christmas, with the children already signed up to the study from last year. The next saliva sampling session will be on Monday 18th October. If you no longer wish your child to take part please let us know.  The team send the parents of participants a study questionnaire before each sampling session - it’s important to complete and return it. Thank you.


News for Year Groups


Yr 2 SS Great Britain trip letter


Yr 4 Magdalen Camp 2022 initial letter





Check your child’s year group ‘satchel’ under Homework for this week’s Retrieval Questions.



Look out for your next Mailbag on Friday 8th October