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Mailbag 14 January 2022

Mailbag 14 January 2022


It's been a lovely week here at Hillcrest. The atmosphere in the classrooms is one of purpose and enjoyment and the children continue to impress me with their engagement and enthusiasm. I have thoroughly enjoyed the conversations I’ve had with them this week, with openers including:


"My birthday’s in 28 days.”

"Why is Wilma furry?”

"Ms Norman, my hat's too hot.”


Our School Parliament Committees met on Tuesday and their activities included putting together our new crisp packet recycling boxes and writing up actions on each committee board, as well as thinking about ways to engage the community - one of our aims this term.


We waved Yr 5 off today on their trip to 'We the Curious'. We look forward to hearing all about it on Monday.


As I’m sure you will be aware, good attendance at school is vital for all children to reach their academic potential. The Department of Education recommends a target of 96% as a measure of good attendance. Where children have attendance below 90% they are classed as ‘persistently absent’.


There have been many complicating factors affecting school attendance over the past 20 months or so and I want to make it clear that, where attendance is low due to a positive case of COVID, we have no concerns about it. However, it is important that we work together with parents where low attendance is a concern.


In the next few weeks, I will be issuing letters to inform parents where their child’s attendance is low (non-COVID related) or if a child has a significant amount of unauthorised absences. These letters are initially just for your information so that we can work together to improve the attendance of your child / children.


This is something that schools have always done but it has not been in place robustly during the pandemic, for obvious reasons. However, the DfE and the Education Welfare Department do require schools to take actions where attendance of individual pupils is a concern.


Attendance generally across the school is very good and I would like to recognise and thank all those families who ensure their children attend school every day and are punctual.   


News for Everyone


Positive Lateral Flow Tests - From Tuesday 11 January the rules have changed again. Anyone who receives a positive lateral flow test result is required to self-isolate immediately, without needing to take a confirmatory PCR test. You can find a handy flow chart for parents, reflecting the most recent guidelines, HERE.



Head Lice - The pesky critters are popping up in several year groups. They spread quickly through the school via siblings. Please grab a fine-toothed comb and a big dollop of conditioner and wet-comb your children’s hair thoroughly this weekend. If everyone does it we can nip the outbreak in the bud. There’s an information sheet HERE.



Little Kitchen workshops - Please disregard the dates for the year groups given last week’s Mailbag. They’ve changed.



Achievement Awards - Congratulations to Henry RCB, Anwen RLN, Ruby 1JF, Thea 1NR, Jude H 2WH, Erin 2KL, Joey 3NA, Ivy 3EN, Marshall 4RT, Isaac 4SL, Martha 6PB and Tara 6NW.



News for Year Groups


Yr 5 Swimming letter






Look in your child’s year group ‘satchel’ under Homework on the website for this week’s Retrieval Questions.




Check out the Community Notice Board on the website for...


  • Save Jubilee Pool 24 hour relay swimathon - sponsor Erys & Orla
  • Be a Chorister for a Day at Bristol Cathedral 
  • JM Dance School Classes Timetable



Look out for your next Mailbag on Friday 21st January.