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Mailbag 19 November 2021

Mailbag 19 November 2021

As we marked Remembrance Day last week and our current Year 6 children are learning about events which led up to World War Two, I was reminded of a very special visitor we had several years ago.

Squadron Leader George ‘Johnny’ Johnson, the last surviving serviceman to have taken part in the iconic Dambusters raid during World War Two, will be 100yrs old next week. You can see a photo of him HERE. His whole family (aunties, uncles, cousins, grandchildren and great grandchildren) will be gathering in Bristol on 27th November for a celebratory lunch and afternoon tea.

We had the honour of inviting Johnny Johnson to our school ten years ago. He spoke about his life and adventures for over an hour, fluently and without notes, and both the children and the adults we invited hung on his every word. It truly was an event we will never forget.

As Johnny approaches his 100th birthday, he is still campaigning for a medal for the veterans of Bomber Command. As the last of his squadron, he feels it is his mission to ensure that every single person in the 617 Squadron is duly recognised for the part they played in the attack on the major dams of western Germany on May 16th and 17th 1943.  


News for everyone

A massive 'thank you' to parent and comedian Stuart Goldsmith for compering our first ever Hillcrest Comedy Night on Thursday which was a roaring success.

Stuart booked all the acts - Louise Leigh, Riki Msindo and Howard Read - who had us all rocking with laughter throughout.

In between sets, Stuart entertained us with a slick routine that covered WhatsApp groups and a literal understanding of our 'No Outsiders' message; he topped it all off with a game of 'heads and tails' for a bottle of Prosecco. A great time was had by all.

A huge 'thank you' also to the army of Friends' volunteers who ensured the night went off without a hitch, particularly Cecily and Kate for leading all the preparations.

And, finally, a big 'thank you' to all the members of the school community who came along. Together you helped raise a whopping ....... JUST WAITING FOR THE FINAL TOTAL!


The season of jolliness is almost upon us and we are looking forward to adding a great big dollop of Christmas cheer to your festive diet.

More details of the particulars will follow but here are the dates for your diary:

Thursday, December 9th: Lady Gaga class Nativity at 2pm

Friday, December 10th: Mya-Rose Craig class Nativity at 2pm

Monday, December 13th: Playground Carol Service from all year groups at 5pm

Tuesday, December 14th: Year 1 Nativity for Louis Braille class parents at 2pm

Wednesday, December 15th: Year 1 Nativity for Jane Goodall class parents at 2pm


Children in Need Appeal - A big thank you from our pupil Fundraising Committee to everyone that donated to our Non Uniform Day fundraiser. The total is looking very healthy so far! The Justgiving page will be open for donations until next Friday, when we’ll let you know how much we’ve raised.


Reading books - This week, we were delighted to receive eight whole sets of phonically-decodable books which are linked to our phonics scheme - Little Wandle Letters and Sounds.

They will be coming home in book bags from next Monday. You can find a guide on how best to use them here:


Spelling Saga - Strategies for Section C and examples of Mnemonics.


Bristol Salvation Army Christmas Gift Appeal - We had such an amazing response to this last year! We’re supporting it again this Christmas. Hillcrest have referred families to this fantastic organisation so it’s a cause particularly close to our hearts.

Once again, Christmas will be a worrying time for families experiencing hardship. Each year, Bristol Salvation Army donates gifts and food parcels to around a thousand children in the city.

If any of you, in our wonderful Hillcrest community, have any new toys (perhaps duplicate presents?) that you would like to donate to this fantastic charity, we will be collecting in school from now until the end of November. Please send any donations in with your child. We will pass them on to the Salvation Army, to be distributed to families in time for Christmas.

Please remember all donations must be new.

Alternatively, you can simply order something from The Salvation Army Amazon gift list:

There is also a just giving page if you would prefer just to donate money to the appeal:

Thank you for your support.


Flu Vaccination - As you know from the letter we send you earlier this week, it looks as if the immunisation team visit may not be until January now. If your child is in a higher risk group you may want to consider getting them vaccinated at your GP’s surgery instead of waiting for the school visit. ‘Flu vaccine letter


Antibiotics - The usual regimen is 3 doses a day which should be evenly spaced - 8 hours apart. There should generally be no need for a dose during the school day. Unless your child is having 4 doses a day, please give them their medicine before and after school. If you want them to have a dose of medicine at lunchtime we would ask you, where possible, to drop in and give it yourself.

If it’s essential that they are given a dose at school, please fill in an Admin of Meds (short term) form, available to download HERE or pick up from the office. All medication must be in the original prescription box, with dispensing sticker and instructions. Please note that we can only give prescribed medicines.


A message from Ben, Cass and Otto in Year 6

We would like to create a Pokemon Trading Club on Wednesdays and Fridays at 3.30-4.30pm but we need adult supervision. Are there any parents (who are DBS checked) who would be willing to provide that supervision? If so, please email the school on We would like to start the club on Wednesday, December 1st.

These are the rules:

If cards are seen at school time, then tell that person's teacher so the teacher can inform the child that they will not be allowed to attend the club for two sessions.


News for year groups

Yr 6 M-Shed Bristol at War trip letter




Check your child’s year group ‘satchel’ under Homework on the website for this week’s Retrieval Questions.



Check out the Community Notice Board on the website for...

  • Outdoors Project Christmas Holiday Clubs
  • City of Bristol Aquatics seeking talented swimmers, at all levels - Try Outs
  • St Martin’s Church - Christmas for Families programme
  • Fun Family Mud Run - now moved to 27th Nov, so there’s still time to sign up



Look out for your next Mailbag on Friday 26th November.