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Mailbag 20 November 2020

Mailbag 20 November 2020


Sadly, it was only a matter of time before we had to send a bubble home.


Yr 6 parents, we do feel for you - having to juggle your lives and work commitments, unearth that Seesaw log in and muster the strength to get your heads around home learning once again. Our message to you is just do the best you can. We are here to support you and if we can help in any way please just ask.


I am sure everyone will join me in sending our thoughts to the Kirby family, and also a heartfelt thank you for giving us permission to ‘out’ them (for want of a better phrase) so we have been able to keep everyone fully informed. Being the first in life often feels like a personal triumph but I am sure that’s not the case in this instance! We wish them all a speedy recovery.


You will read below that we are helping Public Health England in a University of Bristol study taking place in schools across the city to try and gather as much data on this disease as possible. They will be testing all our school’s staff, and the children in Year 2 and Year 5, once a month from December 1st. Individual’s participation in the study is entirely optional but this is a real opportunity to do something for the greater good.



Covid19 Mapping and Mitigation in Schools (CoMMins) - We are proud to be taking part in this research study about COVID-19 within schools. The study is being run by the University of Bristol in partnership with Bristol City Council and Public Health England.


The study will test whether 1,000 staff and 4,000 pupils from 20 primary and secondary schools in the Bristol area have active or past COVID-19 infection. This will help the researchers to track transmission of COVID-19 where people do not have symptoms, as well as where they do. The aim is to develop systems to help schools prevent and cope with an outbreak and find out which strategies best support the mental wellbeing of the school community now and in the future.


The study involves several parts, including:


  • Every month, for six months, testing staff and the students in Yrs 2 & 5 for COVID-19
  • Making a map showing where people have had COVID-19 in Bristol. This will help to show how COVID-19 spreads.
  • Using the data to improve models of how COVID-19 spreads in young people.
  • Using the data to answer questions like ‘What makes some people more likely to catch COVID19?’ and ‘At home, are children more likely to infect adults, or are adults more likely to infect children?’
  • Using the data to advise on how to stop COVID-19 spreading and helping schools to improve their contact tracing.


Important Information for parents of children in Yrs 2 and 5


Click here to download a full description and details of the study for parents, a simplified summary for children and an explanation of how your child will give their saliva samples in school.


So that your child can be included in the study please complete the online process here:


After you have completed the online consent form there is a brief section asking for your contact details. This is for the purposes of reporting test results and so that the study team can follow you up.


Yr 6 Parents - You should have received an email about home learning arrangements for next week earlier today. If you need further support with home learning or have any questions please contact Mr Boyle or Mr Taylor


We have let the Sirona ‘flu immunisation team know that the Yr 6 children won’t be in school when they come next week. We’re waiting for a reply and will let you know what they advise.


Friends Christmas Card fundraiser - You should have received your child’s Christmas card sample. If you would like to place an order the deadline is 3:30 on Wednesday 25th November. A great big thank to Mrs Bonner and Ms Sharples for their amazing work with the children to design all their cards. If you have any problems or queries contact Leanne Morgan.


Buy a Christmas tree and support a refugee - Friends of Hillcrest are taking a break from selling Christmas trees this year but you can still buy a tree that supports a good cause - an Aid Box Community Refutree!


Aid Box Community provide support, supplies and sanctuary for refugees and asylum seekers in Bristol. As well as selling locally-sourced trees from their hub on Cheltenham Road, they'll be outside Fox & West on the first two weekends of December with some friendly Hillcrest faces on the crew.


You can pre-order online (and check prices) here:


Deliveries from 2nd December.


Children’s University - Twenty five Hillcrest children have just received their certificates. This is a fantastic achievement for them, especially after the strange year that we have had. A huge congratulations to them all. They have done amazingly well and should be very proud.


If your child is enrolled in the scheme but hasn’t earned their certificate yet, their hours will be rolled over each year so if they achieve more hours by the end of May 2021and add them to their EPlatforms they will receive a certificate next year


If your child isn’t yet enrolled in the scheme yet but would like to join email the school office.


Winter Art & Writing Competition - Download the details of this Children’s University competition here. The Competition is open to EVERYONE, not just CU members. There are 6 prizes in total, 2 for each of the age categories. Each Children's University member that submits an entry will be credited 2 hours of Learning Credits for each entry they submit and they can enter more than once!!


Head lice & Threadworm - As if COVID wasn’t enough to contend with, we’re getting reports of these little nuisances across all year groups. Click here for information about tackling head lice and here for threadworm.



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