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Mailbag 21 January 2022

Mailbag 21 January 2022


Dear parents and carers


You are probably aware we that had our Ofsted inspection this week.


On receiving the news that Ofsted were on the phone as I came out of the ladies loos, my first instinct was to retreat back in there! Luckily those thoughts quickly vanished and we all set to.


Though it’s nerve-racking I genuinely believe that, by giving just 24hrs notice, the inspectors gain a realistic view of the state of play in a school.

To go through an Ofsted inspection with the fine people that work in our school and a community like ours was an absolute pleasure (...ish!). What made me especially proud of the team on the ground is that they carried on doing what they do day-in, day-out - supporting our children and supporting each other. Whilst it may have felt daunting, it didn’t show on anyone’s face.


Our PGCE students on placement from UWE (who have only been with us for about five minutes!) stayed until way past their bedtimes on Monday night and were up before the larks on Tuesday and Wednesday to support a school they have barely got to know. That speaks volumes. 


A huge thank you to all of you for responding to the Parent View survey. It really felt as though we were on this journey together.


I’m afraid I can’t say anything about the final report until it’s published but I look forward to sharing it with you in about a month’s time.


Right, enough of all that! We have a term to get on with!



News for Everyone


Face Masks - As government guidance is changing, from Monday it will be a matter of personal preference whether you wear a mask when you come into the playground or building.



Sirona ‘flu vaccination at community clinics - Appointments are now available for children who missed having the vaccine in school. If the nasal spray is not acceptable your child can have the inactivated flu vaccine jab (porcine gelatine free) instead - book the appointment as normal and request this on the day. Click on the link to read the letter.



CoMMinS Household Study - The saliva testing in school has finished but the study team is still researching how infection spreads within households. If you, or anyone you live with, has had a positive Covid-19 test within the last 5 days, or has one in the future, you might be able to help with this study. Click on the link for more information.  



School Nurse Webinars - The Community Children’s Health Partnership is offering a series of free daytime webinars in February on a range of children’s health topics. Click on the link.



Earn a £20 voucher by helping with research - Researchers at the University of Bristol have developed a website called Germ Defence, designed to show school students, staff, and their families how to keep safe from viruses like COVID-19. Vaccines and testing are really important but there are lots of other things we can all do, at home and at school, to reduce the spread of viruses. You can access Germ Defence here and use it as often as you like.    


Once you’ve used the website, you can sign-up to take part in an optional survey and/or to talk to the researchers about how useful and effective you found Germ Defence. An interview will take up to 60 mins via phone/online and you will receive a £20 voucher for your time. You can also contact the study team at: to let them know you’d be happy to take part in an interview.



Congratulations to this week’s Celebration Award winners!






Look in your child’s year group ‘satchel’ under Homework on the website for this week’s Retrieval Questions.



KS2 Latin questions from Miss Wilson - these may be included on some year groups’ Retrieval Questions sheets, but here they are if not:


  1. What does the verb 'dare' (da-ray) mean?     
  2. If the verb reads 'dant', who's doing it? 



Check out the Community Notice Board on the website for...


  • Midwife-led Pregnancy Yoga & Hypnobirthing 
  • Ex-Hillcrest pupil available for babysitting
  • Let’s Pretend Drama Workshops



Look out for your next Mailbag on Friday 28th January.