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Mailbag 22 March 2021

Mailbag 22 March 2021


Another week has passed and I hope that your children are continuing to enjoy the return to school and a little more routine. We are finding that the children have adapted really well to being back in school and are working really hard. They have shown great resilience and, although they were tired by the end of last week, a good week was had by all. I am also pleased to inform you that our attendance at school has been really high. I would like to thank you all for making sure that your children are coming to school every day and on time.


In the short time we have been back, Ms Cox’s reception desk has an ever-increasingly large pile of lost property. Many of the uniform items handed in are not named. The success rate for returning a named school jumper to its rightful owner is normally 100%. Unfortunately this is not the case without a name! PLEASE ensure you write a name or put a name sticker on ALL of their uniform, coats and PE kit.



Enrichment Programme - We will still be restricted to outdoor activities after school next term so the clubs will be the same as this term’s, with the addition of Spanish club - Felicity will be running just one group, out of doors. Download the Enrichment Programme HERE.


Booking Fast Forward sports clubs - Please note that Matt must have your payment by the end of the day on Monday 29th March to secure your child’s place.


Guitar Club - We spoke too soon in last week’s Mailbag. Hazel will be carrying on online for the time being but her small group tuition sessions lend themselves well to Zoom. To find out more and watch a video showing the cool things children learn with her, click HERE.


Our Inset days next year will be Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd September, Tuesday 4th January, Monday 6th June and Friday 22nd July.


Message for Year 1 - Hello Eagles & Kestrels. We are going to be looking at wheels and axles at the beginning of Term 5 and making cardboard cars. Therefore, we need to start collecting cardboard boxes now in preparation, preferably with lids - think shoe boxes. They need to be at least 12cm wide but no bigger than a shoe box. We will also need some smaller boxes - tea bag boxes etc. Please give them to Mrs Flook. Thank you.


Can you help Yr 6? Because of Covid restrictions, Year 6 won't be able to go on their usual residential trip this year. We are determined to give the children a fun and well-rounded end of year experience, even though they can’t have that traditional right of passage. If you are an artist, potter, gardener, carpenter or are an expert in anything you think would be fun for the children to learn, please get in touch.


You don't necessarily have to be a parent of a child in Year 6. We are hoping to invite lots of creative parents in to give the children as many different experiences as possible.


If you think you could offer your expertise, please get in touch with Mr Boyle or Mr Taylor.




Friends of Hillcrest Fundraising have partnered up with Redcatch Community Garden for a SUNFLOWER GROWING COMPETITION. Everyone has been getting very creative with their window displays over the past year so this is a great way to bring some extra sunshine to our streets and an abundance of pollen and nectar to encourage butterflies and bees.


There are top prizes available for the winners of the following categories, including a £100 Gift Voucher for a Family Portrait at



BEST IN BLOOMMost impressive display

POLLINATOR SUPERHERO most attractive display to flying friends


Sunflower growing kits are NOW available from Redcatch Community Garden for a £1 donation and judging will take place in the week beginning 12th July 2021.


Nearer the time you will be asked to register your entry by emailing a photograph of your competition worthy flower/display & measurements etc to with your name, class & first line of your address.


Entries will be judged by the Community Gardens’ Head Gardener. For any close contenders a doorstep visit will be arranged!




Good luck!


Discovery Forfeit - Mr Mac has been quaking in his boots about this one! Watch the video HERE.



Governors’ letter responding to the recent Home Learning Survey results

Term 5 Enrichment Programme

Children's University Mental Health Competition - CU’s Spring Competition has 6 prizes of £20 book tokens to be won. Everyone is very welcome to enter, not just Children's University members. CU members will be credited for learning hours for every entry they submit


Look out for the last Mailbag of term on Monday 29th March.