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Mailbag 28 January 2022

Mailbag 28 January 2022


Guess Who? This Hillcrest member of staff’s work this week included:


  • Walking up to the gate to take in parcel deliveries throughout the day
  • Delivering lost property found in the playground to classes
  • Ordering art supplies for Mrs Sharples
  • Answering the phone and relaying messages to staff members throughout the day
  • Having a reassuring chat with children waiting to be picked up for an appointment
  • Lugging drums from the hall into the Bristol Plays Music van to go off to other schools for their music lessons
  • Standing on the main gate when I or Mr McIntyre have been called away
  • Ordering flags to represent the countries of children in school and liaising with Mr Dean on where to hang them in the hall
  • Liaising with the contractors fitting out our new Sensory Room
  • Checking that everyone who visited the school this week had DBS checks and the right credentials
  • Making sure that all the children were delivered to the right places at the end of each day, using the dismissal lists from each class teacher
  • Being interrupted by me on a daily basis with the question “So you’re a Hillcrest parent; what would you think if..?”
  • AND always having a sunny smile for all the children, staff and visitors that pass by their desk all the live long day!

Have you guessed yet?




News for Everyone


Rainbow Flag Award - As you may know, our school is currently on its journey to achieving The Rainbow Flag Award, a special award given to schools with excellent visibility and inclusivity of LGBT+ people. Our School Parliament’s Equalities, Inclusion and Diversity committee, The Skittles Club, have been working hard to create a section of the website about the award, where you'll find book reviews, examples of learning and signposting for extra support.  They've also made a short introductory video about the award which they'd love everyone to see - please do take a look when you get a chance:

There’s also a place for you to get in contact with us if you have any questions or comments about The Rainbow Flag Award.



Number Day Dressing Up Next Friday - On 4th February, we’ll be taking part in Number Day to raise money for the NSPCC. We would love children and staff to come to school wearing a number or even dressed up as their favourite number! We’ll be doing fun, number-based activities during the day, as well as learning about the NSPCC and what they do. Please make a donation to the NSPCC, if you can, via our JustGiving page:



The Community Notice Board on the school website has a new home. You can now find it under the News & Events tab. It’s a place for anything you like to share or celebrate with the Hillcrest community - out-of-school achievements, local business ads, classes and courses, concerts, charity events, local groups, babysitters, recipes, recommendations for activities, useful links, birthday greetings, whatever - email the details to Juliet at and we’ll add it to the board.


Congratulations to this week’s Celebration Award winners. You can see their photo here.





Look in your child’s year group ‘satchel’ under Homework on the website for this week’s Retrieval Questions.




Check out the Community Notice Board on the website for...


  • Become a Lifeskills Volunteer - Each year volunteers help thousands of primary school children to learn about hazards and safety at Lifeskills - Learning for Living, a wonderful educational resource at the Create Centre.
  • TCCW Half Term Holiday Club
  • February Half Term Tennis at Redcatch Park


Look out for your next Mailbag on Friday 4th February.