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Mailbag 4 March 2022

Mailbag 4 March 2022


‘Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are’ Mason Cooley


This week we celebrate 25 years of World Book Day in schools. To mark this occasion our children took part in lots of lovely activities including:


  • Find the Teacher Reading before school
  • Story time with Anthony Lewis Churchill, author of ‘Lucy the Triceratops’
  • Artwork inspired by ‘Lucy the Triceratops’
  • Children heard stories from a variety of adults across the school on the theme ‘We are who we are’
  • Designing a class reading zone
  • Readathon moments - Stop, drop and read
  • Reading Bingo
  • Whole School Celebration Friday Assembly on all things Reading related!


Phew! And a MASSSIVE thank you to all the staff at school for bringing Mr McIntyre and Mr Wilson’s vision to life.


Reading is always a focus for us at Hillcrest and this was the perfect opportunity to remind everyone how important regular reading is. We would like to thank you for your continued support.


There are MANY photos of the celebrations and the children and staff in their brilliant costumes in the Gallery on the school website HERE.





As hostilities in Ukraine escalate, children may see and hear things in the news which might well make them feel anxious and perhaps confused. We will support all of our children by making time to listen when they want to talk and by trying to answer their questions.


Obviously we will be mindful of the age of your child and careful not to over-explain the situation or go into too much detail as this can make children unnecessarily anxious.


Younger children may be satisfied with the explanation that sometimes countries fight. Older children are more likely to understand what war means but may still benefit from talking with adults about the situation. When children have the chance to have an open and honest conversation about things that are upsetting them it can create a sense of relief and safety.


We will remind children that this is not their problem to solve. They should not feel guilty about playing, seeing their friends, and doing the things that make them happy. We will also continue to reinforce the message that, even in terrible circumstances, good happens. They will witness kindness and humanity, such as aid convoys and families welcoming refugees into their homes, and hear accounts of heroic acts.


We have been overwhelmed by the number of our children wanting to do fundraisers, send letters to local decision-makers, or create drawings calling for peace. Like all of us, they want to do something to help.


Rather than having lots of ad hoc fundraisers in school, we will be promoting national initiatives, such as Save the Children’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund / Unicef / The British Red Cross and Oxfam which provide refugee families with immediate aid, such as food, water and hygiene kit. If your child would like to organise their own fundraising activity outside school we suggest setting up a JustGiving page and linking it to one of these charities.


We are more than happy to promote causes which you may be involved in directly on our online Community Notice Board and in the Mailbag.


During our assembly on Monday 7th March we will let the children know that if they would like to write postcards or letters to children in Ukraine we will see that these get sent.



News for Everyone


Next academic year’s Inset Days:


Thursday 1st September 2022

Friday 2nd September 2022

Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Monday 17th April 2023

Friday 21st July 2023



Chartwell’s Spring/Summer Menu is now on the website, HERE.



Parents Evenings for all year groups will be held in school on Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th March (apart from Miss North’s which will be on Thursday 17th and Tuesday 22nd), between 4pm and 7pm. If you haven’t already booked an appointment with your child’s teacher you can do so at



Chickenpox - We a child in Yr 2 had chickenpox over half term, and this week there have been cases in Reception and Yr 1. Keep an eye out for symptoms. See the NHS guidance HERE. Most adults will have had chickenpox as children so won’t be susceptible, but just check the guidance if you are, or might be, pregnant.



Term 4 Newsletters, Timetables and Knowledge Organisers are on most of the Year Group pages today. Any that aren’t yet will be there next week.



Matt Hill's Fast Forward Sports Clubs - From Monday, pick up after the clubs will be from the double gates on School Road, next to the chickens.


Wool appeal - The Lunchtime Chill Club use lots and lots of wool making pom-poms and using the knitting dolls. If you have any odds and ends of wool to spare please drop it into the office. Thank you.




News for Year Groups


Reception - We’ll be needing egg boxes next week, if you have any. Thank you.



Reception Adventure House (orange T-shirts) Starting next week, the children in Adventure from both Reception classes are going to Forest School on Monday afternoons for 5 sessions. We will need three parent volunteers for each session, from 1.10 (at the main gate), returning at 3.00. Please speak to the teacher if you would like to help.





Look in your child’s year group ‘satchel’ under Homework on the website for this week’s special World Book Day Reading homework.




Check out the Community Notice Board on the website for...


  • Mr Barham’s Half Marathon
  • Hugo & Flynn’s 5K run for Ukraine



Look out for your next Mailbag on Friday 11th March.