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Play Streets


Why not ‘play out’ in 2023? Good for children AND community!


As the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up - now is the perfect time to start making plans for spring and summer. This year the extra Bank Holiday weekend in early May for the Coronation offers the perfect opportunity to come together as a street community either for a play street or street party!


Play streets - where through-traffic is diverted from your street for a couple of hours- are completely FREE to organise in Bristol. They are a great way to bring your neighbours together regularly and create a safe space for children to play out. Hundreds of street communities across the city (and the country) are enjoying the benefits of playing out on the doorstep, which many of us experienced as children.


Playing Out is good for your health!

As well as a way of bringing your local community together, play streets are proven to benefit children’s health and wellbeing, increasing their physical activity levels and giving them a sense of belonging in their community.


A recent UNESCO report stated that, “Children have improved attention and concentrate better in the classroom following periods of outdoor play” and “Children who meet physical activity guidelines have a reduced risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. They also have better mental health, improved cognitive and executive function, and greater overall well-being.” 


How to start a play street


Playing Out - the national organisation supporting play streets - say the first step - after checking out - is to talk to your neighbours about the idea to gauge interest and support, before applying to the council.


If you have enough support to go ahead, you can apply for a year’s worth of play streets – up to once a week. Many streets do it once a month.


Playing Out is based at Windmill Hill City Farm so you can pop in or contact them for advice about the process. They can also lend you free road closure signs and kit for your play street!