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Redcatch Park Mast - Meeting

TELECOM MAST IN REDCATCH PARK   The next meeting is at 7pm on Thursday 17th March in Redcatch Community Garden Canopy.   We previously posted details of how to sign the petition but this is just a follow up to let you know that 3,500 qualifying signatures are needed in advance in order to get a full debate at the council meeting on 15th March. (The signatories must reside in Bristol).   There are 3,000 signatures so far so only 500 more are required! 

So please follow the link to sign on-line or drop into the Wells Road Post Office or Redcatch Community Garden to sign the petition.   

 CONTACT YOUR COUNCILLORS We are available every day not just at elections Christopher Davies  43 Norton Road, Knowle, Bristol  BS4 2EZ 0117 3773528 Gary Hopkins  4 Preston Walk, Knowle Park, Bristol BS4 2TP 07977 512159