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School Parliament News Term 3

The School Parliament MP’s met twice this term and discussed lots of ideas from across the school - things that are going well and things that the children of Hillcrest would like to improve:-


School Grounds - Can we get some more playground equipment? We need to replace some of the Scooter Handles that have come out of the wall.


Equalities - We should include ‘Hidden Disabilities’ in the charter provided people want to. Do we have wheel chair access for the whole school?


Eco - Is there someone making sure the new crisp recycling bins go out at lunchtime?


Litter - Could we do a longer litter pick, not just 2minutes?


Well-Being - Some children think that everyone should have a buddy if they need one not just Reception children.


3 B’s - Could we design Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful badges? Make a leaflet explaining why these three rules are so important?


Fundraising - One suggestion is a Danceathon to raise money for school equipment and fun things!


Community - Are local people going to help us plant things in the raised beds?


Actions from previous term:-

*Scooter handles ordered and put up by Mr Dean

*Crisp recycling boxes now in KS1 and KS2 playground

* Well-being packs handed out to all classes.

*Health & Safety audit of the playground

*Well-Being survey carried out

*Committee Boards up and running letting the school know what’s going on