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This Week's Assemblies

At Hillcrest we value coming together. Every week we have a wide variety of assemblies starting off with our No Outsiders Assembly every Monday with Ms Norman.


Supported by Assemblies for All - a project run by the charity Humanists UK - our No Outsiders assemblies are inclusive, educational, enjoyable, and appropriate for young people from all backgrounds. They are not acts of collective worship and do not seek to promote one particular religion or belief. They are are inclusive and accessible for all pupils and staff, regardless of their religion or belief background.


The content of these interactive, meaningful assemblies has been developed by education professionals from charities like Amnesty, Oxfam and Unicef, to organisations such as UK Parliament and the BBC. Every assembly is organised by theme, key stage and often links to an event in the calendar such as International Women’s Day, World Environment Day, and Martin Luther King Jr Day.


We end the week with Mr McIntyre's all-singing, all-dancing Celebration Assembly.


Black History Month

An explanation of how Hillcrest Primary School diversify their History curriculum.