A Child's Eye View Update

23rd November 2018
BBC Ideas is a new online channel.
In Spring, the BBC asked filmmakers for ideas for the new channel. It struck Hillcrest parent and filmmaker, Robin Toyne, that there were no children’s voices in their initial films.  He asked if they might be interested in a series of child authored films and their reaction was to ask 'what might children have to say?'

Robin contacted Ellie Swain who invited him to meet a group of 12 children from last year’s Year 5 & 6, who’d been the stars of her debating classes.  They shared their ideas over two or three lunchtime workshops and he then pitched their ideas to the commissioners at BBC Ideas.

Their ideas won the commission! The filmmaking group expanded to twenty and, over the course of the Summer term, Robin and the children shot seven short films: four about different aspects of childhood and three on wider issues that the children felt were important.

Each film is authored by two or three children. Every word is either written by them, or spoken spontaneously by them.  The films also feature other Hillcrest children, children from Mr. Mac’s class appearing in the "Gender Stereotypes” film, children from the current Year 4 sharing their thoughts and doing impressions of adults in “A Child’s Guide to Adults” and the current Year 5 children contributing to “Child Speak”.  A number of brave teachers appear too! Check out the teachers’ dancing in “A Child’s Guide to Adults”!

Ned and Poppy from the current Year 6 and Ava H from last year’s Year 6 approached Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees and persuaded him to do an interview for their film on “Homelessness”.

In addition to on-screen contributors, children helped the crew behind the scenes with camera and clapperboard, Laurie and Ed designed the opening titles, Charlotte, Eva, Matthew and Amelia from Year 6 illustrated “Gender Stereotypes” and the whole of Mr. Taylor’s class gave their loudest shout of “Action!” to accompany the opening titles.

The full list of films are:  “What Adults Forget About Childhood” by Dan U, Frankie and Phoebe; “The Problem with Plastics” by Storm and Fleur; “Acting Your Age” by Scarlett, Kendra J and Zak; “Homelessness” by Ned, Poppy and Ava; “Child Speak” by Ben and Kuba; “Gender Stereotypes” by Izzy and Charlotte; and “A Child’s Guide to Adults” by Joe and Anniyah.

The films can all be found at https://www.bbc.com/ideas/playlists/a-childs-eye-view and in just one week have been viewed 28,000 times!

Robin will be sending us some Hillcrest extras soon, including a longer version of “Child Speak” featuring Mr. Mac and Mrs Ward trying to speak like children!
And here it is... the extended disco mix:
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