Athletics Event 5 December 2019

Another victory for Hillcrest’s athletes!
On Thursday 5th December, Hillcrest’s Year 6 Athletics Team travelled to Bridge Learning Campus to take part in the first knock-out stage of Sportshall Athletics. The team had previously taken part in a taster session, in which they came first – so expectations were high!

From the off, we knew we would have to perform at our best because there were five other schools competing; this was more than our previous experience, where we competed with only two other schools.

The athletes were called to their first events: Standing Long Jump and Chest Pass for the girls and Standing Triple Jump and Vertical Jump for the boys. From our bench, we could see the Standing Long Jump and Joseph Armitage was making some huge jumps, taking first place.

After the boys and girls swapped around for those events, the athletes were called to Speed Bounce for the girls and Javelin for the boys. In the distance, we could see Ojal Khare rapidly hopping in what looked to be a winning display. In the foreground, the boys' Javelin got underway and all three boys excelled! At one point Marcus Perry asked how they would measure the distance if the javelin went past the measuring tape – what confidence! Isaac Jordan also launched his javelin towards the back of the hall and so did Luc Scrimshaw.

Then began the relay races. One stand-out memory was, during Fin Kelly’s Over/Under relay, when he went “under” the hoop with such ferocity that he snapped the hoop in half! All the athletes performed exceptionally well in their given race/s, however the (dreaded) 6 Lap Parlauf – where a team of 2 have to complete 6 laps, in whatever order they wish – was particularly thrilling.

Freyja Lusher and Freya Stayte ran the girls' race, adopting a 2 lap – 2 lap – 1 lap – 1 lap strategy which meant they were slightly rested for their final sprint. Then Joseph and Isaac stepped up to compete in the boys' 6 Lap Parlauf. They saw how successful the girls' tactic was and so enacted it themselves. After the boys had taken their first turns, they were already a half a lap in front…then when they opened up their sprints, their lead grew and grew: they ended up finishing an entire lap ahead of their nearest rivals.

All in all, the team had a thrilling competition. Every single child tried their absolute best and they should all be very proud of their involvement. With that said, when the scores came in, we were overjoyed to hear Hillcrest being announced as the outright winners, with a lead of 20 something points, what an achievement!

Well done everyone, I’m very proud of your teamwork and commitment. We shall be moving on to the next knock-out stage (date to be confirmed).

Mr Boyle