Awareness Weeks

1st October 2019

Raising Awareness 

Tuesday 1st October - the launch of ADHD awareness month


Sunday 6th October - the launch of Dyspraxia awareness week


Monday 7th October - the launch of Dyslexia awareness week


Thursday 10th October - Mental Health awareness day (assembly planned by Miss Silver for 8th October)

We will be raising awareness during our class assemblies and in some of our PHSE sessions. 

By the end of the term, every class will have explored each of the areas above and have a basic understanding of each one. 

If you would like to explore further with your child/children, the links attached are a good starting point.  You Tube will also have a range of video clips for each awareness week.

If you have personal experience of any of the issues, and would be prepared to share it with the children, please contact your child's class teacher to discuss coming into school and talk to the year group. Your contribution would be much appreciated.