Governors’ statement of purpose and principles 

We want a school which is happy, healthy and supports all to thrive.

The governors believe that behaviour management in school is an opportunity to reflect and support the school’s core values of the Four Elements: Resilience, Innovation, Partnership and Excellence. 

It is recognised that the quality of learning experiences in the classroom will have an impact on behaviour. High expectations from staff delivering a curriculum matched to children's varying needs will help to motivate pupils promoting self-esteem and confidence, leading to order and self-discipline. 

It is also recognised that external influences on children must be taken into account and related to the expectations of the school. The development of good relationships with parents will assist in the encouragement of support and understanding. 

Finally it is important to reward those who behave well. Most children respond well to praise and there is something worthy of praise in all children. However it is important that children accept responsibility for their own actions. 

We believe: 

  • that pupils need to respect themselves, their peers and adults at school and in the wider school environment.

  • in encouraging and supporting all pupils to be accountable for and to take pride in their own behaviour through encouraging partnerships at school and at home.

  • in encouraging reflection and critical thinking to support self-discipline and self-control.

  • in celebrating positive behaviour and placing emphasis on addressing the causes of misbehaviour. 

These principles should be read in conjunction with the school’s behaviour policy.

A copy of the Behaviour Policy can be found in the Policies section of our website.