Butterfly Counselling

'Butterfly' is a charitable organisation that offers a range of services that are designed to aid children's psychological, emotional, behavioural and social well being.  They can work in the capacity of 1:1 or small homgenous groups.
We have counsellors from Butterfly, Lily Boon and Ceinwen Birrell, who are available via parental commission to use the school premises to offer support and therapy. They offer Creative therapy, a way of working with children, either one to one or in a small group, designed to enable children to:
  • Cope with distressing events in their lives
  • Manage and change undesirable behaviours
  • Understand themselves and their situation 
 If you feel this is an option you would like to explore for your child, please contact Ms Bridget Norman or Mrs Suzanne Sewell who would be happy to discuss this further.  Alternatively, click on the link below for more information direct from Butterfly.
Creative Therapy
Most children who benefit from this service receive a 45 minute session with their therapist each week. The therapist uses a variety of creative techniques, including play, art and drama, alongside traditional counselling methods, to help the child in their exploration and healing process. Therapists are able to work with a wide range of difficulties, from ADHD and behavioural difficulties to depression, anxiety, parental break up, bereavement, anger, eating difficulties, low self esteem - the list goes on.
Butterfly's therapists work in many different schools.  They report that within six sessions, teachers and parents have noticed some improvement in over 70% of children, and over 90% of children show significant improvement within six months of ongoing creative therapy.  In over 95% of cases staff have noticed that after receiving therapy children have been better able to access their education and schooling.
"Our school therapist is made of magic.  She makes sad children happy and naughty children good."
5 year old girl
"We had tried so many things with this very damaged and traumatised child, but nothing was working.  After three weeks of working with the therapists at butterfly, we saw changes within him and after three months he was like a different person.  There is still a long way to go but he no longer sticks out in class as 'different' and is now able to make friends."
Headmaster of a 6 year old boy
"Our therapist's contribution to the school and to the lives of the children has been exceptional.  Her warmth, kindness and care shine out every day.  Butterfly has made such a genuine difference to the school and children."
"Sometimes having therapy makes me feel sad but I don't mind really because it is better in the end and I don't get angry any more.  I used to be in trouble and shout at teachers and hit children but now I am not angry they want to be my friend and I am not lonely."
10 year old boy
Find out more about butterfly on their website here.