Children's University

1st March 2019
Lots of Hillcrest children have already signed up to the Children’s University and received their Passports. They are using them to log their extra curricular learning activities and achievements - school enrichment clubs, sports, trips and visits, music lessons etc.
The Children’s University is a charity and the £5 registration fee just covers costs. You can register and pay on line here:
Please fill in the whole form and look for the link at the bottom of the form to make the payment.
UWE will send confirmation to school and you can collect your child's Passport from the school office, then they can start collecting stamps for their extra curricular activities!
The Passport is a record and incentive for your child. Parents need to submit the information on the e-portal on their behalf.
To count towards graduation this year, hours need to be submitted on the e-portal before May half term. Log into the e-portal here:
Log in initially using the email address you used to register and the password
Once you have logged in you will be able to set your own password.
Children doing enrichment activities at school can get their Passports stamped (to show they have attended) when they come to the hall to meet their club provider at 3.30. For morning activities, children can pop to the office to ask for their stamp later in the day.