Curious City Science, History & Geography Enquiries

Curious CityTM is a bespoke, locally focused programme that goes beyond the National Curriculum. It is progressively planned and mapped to the cognitive development of learners.

At Hillcrest we aim to inspire learners with local people, places and stories relevant to the children who live in Totterdown and Knowle, whilst allowing plenty of room to respond to the ever changing world.

We use seven themes that help to steer and give a particular flavour to an enquiry, learners seek answers to questions posed.

Seeing themselves as Geographers, Scientists, Musicians, Authors, Philosophers, Mathematicians, Artists, Engineers, Historians, Linguists and Athletes enables learners to focus on and combine powerful knowledge in different enquiries. For instance, we want our learners to be Scientists, not just learn about Science.

Each knowledge-engaged state symbolises an aspect of the curriculum, helping learners to master both skills and knowledge of a subject, not just remember it.

As a result, whilst we have a skeleton of an enquiry, we also respond to the needs of learners: as they get older, we help them combine states. We want learners to discover for themselves that they can be an Author, a Scientist, a Geographer and a Philosopher at the same time and that some people combine these states to become Archaeologists, for instance.


Curious City Enquiries - Each year group delivers enquiries throughout the year based on one of seven themes.