Fairtrade Fortnight

Over the two weeks, each class investigated an element of Fairtrade - what it is/how it works etc.

Yr 3 looked at the journey of a non-Fairtrade banana and how the farmers only get paid two pence out of thirty pence!

Yr 2 looked at Fairtrade footballs.

Yr 1 looked at creating a Fairtrade breakfast.

Yr 4 looked at the journey of a Brazil nut.

Yr 5 looked at chocolate.

Yr 6 looked cocoa beans. 

All the children could demonstrate an awareness of Fairtrade by the end of the fortnight and we celebrated by sharing what we had learnt in a whole school assembly. 

We also collected as many Fairtrade logos as we possibly could over the two weeks. Mr Mac's class were the winners, collecting 77 logos! All children in his class had a cup of Fairtrade hot chocolate to celebrate.