Football Triumph!

14th February 2019
Hillcrest Primary School vs Air Balloon Primary School 
Tuesday 12th February 2019
Match Report by Joseph Armitage, 5EN
As the chilly day of Tuesday arrived, Hillcrest Football Team snatched an 8 - 0 victory from their old Head Teacher, Mr Browse (current Head of Air Balloon).
Hillcrest started the game positively, passing well and attacking into Air Balloon's half. After a few unlucky shots from Dylan and Kingston, it turned out to be Dylan's eagerness to press the goalkeeper that awarded Hillcrest their first goal. Soon after, Kingston scored by showing an impressive display of dribbling and a powerful shot. When Air Balloon tried to counter attack, Hillcrest's solid defence proved too much.
It was 2 - 0 at the end of the half and a thoroughly impressed Mr Mcintyre changed the line up to a more attacking one. Poor Ollie was yet to receive any action in goal due to Hillcrest's great defence.
Hillcrest began the second half well and before long, Kingston and Dylan had scored two more goals, making it 4 - 0. Ernie and Marcus defended the ball well and Ollie proved that he had a long and accurate kick.
Shortly after, Fin scored a lovely long range shot and Sam A volleyed one into the back of the net. Callum kept his head up and passed well, whilst Thomas showed his speed and dribbling skills.
As the game drew to a close, Joseph managed to sneak in two quick goals to make it 8 - 0.
Mr Mcintyre and Hillcrest were very proud of their performance and they look forward to another victory.