Green Team

Green Team Members
Yr 1
Eliza 1MH & Isla 1JF
Yr 2
Ivor 2EH & Freddie 2KL
Yr 3
Hugo 3DB & Matilda 3NA
Yr 4
Stephene 4SL & Otto 3CS
Yr 5 
Clayton 5EN & Jet 5WL
Yr 6
Cecily, Caleb, Olivia & Aggie 6RT
Eloise & Hannah 6PB
"During 'Switch Off Fortnight' Ned, Eloise, Katya and Ernie did an assembly for the whole school. School council completed an audit before Switch Off Fortnight and after Switch Off Fortnight. The aim was to make children (and adults!) more aware of how much energy is wasted every day and how important it is to turn lights off if you are not in the room, turn off your smartboard if you are not using it, turn off the screen of your computer if you are not using it - every little helps!" 

Eco Schools 

We have achieved Green Flag Status!  We had a number of criteria to fulfil which included evidence to show that we have addressed the nine areas shown below.

These nine areas are covered in our curriculum:

We also needed to have

  • an Environmental Review – this is formal review of the nine topics which is completed by members of staff but, more importantly, by the Green Team on behalf of the children at Hillcrest.
  • an action plan – this is based on the findings of the Environmental Review.
  • an Eco-Code – this was developed by the Green Team.
  • an Eco-Schools notice board
  • a green procurement policy – which is an environmental friendly policy dedicated to helping to look after our planet.

Pupils have been provided with a range of opportunities to broaden their experience and knowledge of sustainability. The impact of this is evidenced in pupils increased understanding of sustainability issues.

As a result of regular input from our Green Team, pupils are aware of the impact of global poverty and the reasons that we recycle and save water and electricity.

Sustainability is an integral part of the curriculum at Hillcrest.