Hillcrest Houses

Every child at Hillcrest belongs to one of four houses. The houses take their names from significant ships to reflect Bristol's maritime history, but each name also has a meaning in its own right, reflecting different aspects of the learning process. 

Our four houses are...

Endeavour     Adventure     Discovery     Victory


The four house teams comprise an equal share of pupils from across the school, and siblings will be together in the same house. 

As well as using the houses as a way of grouping the children for sports days and similar events, pupils are awarded house points for demonstrating the four elements and a positive attitude in class and around the school. Each week in Celebration Assembly, a representative from each class announces the house which has earned the most points in their class, and this is compiled into a whole-school total for each house.  

House Captains & Vice Captains
September 2020

Adventure - Eveie Thomas (Captain), Edie Seville (Vice)

Endeavour - Lara Mohan (Captain), Lydia Chesterman (Vice)

Discovery - Jet Ward (Captain), Sam Hague (Vice)

Victory - Fergus Semple (Captain), Jasper Hayward Davis (Vice)
Here are some of the brilliant posters from our House Captain election...
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