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Though we have to be apart, physically, at the moment, we're still a school community. We want children and parents to know that Hillcrest is still here! We're all part of the Hillcrest family.
We thought it would be a nice thing to have a community page. If you have something you would like to share - photos, videos, messages, children's art, recipes, suggestions for activities, links, birthday greetings, whatever! - email it to Juliet and we'll post it on here. 
We've started a new page because the first was full. (You can still see everything on the first page though.)
Here's a message from all of us to all of you!
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Tiresome paperwork? Just shred it with Mrs Fleming's patent shredder, Otto!
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Stay home and stay active! (2)

We hope you enjoyed last week's ideas for keeping active while we are all staying at home!  This week we have some ideas for being active indoors.  Exercise first thing in the morning will help to wake up our brains as well as our bodies - so try the Wake and Shake song.  When school work is done, and there's time for play, make an indoor den (or outdoors if you have a garden space at home).  Have fun!

Wake and Shake!
We all know that exercise wakes up our brains as well as our bodies, so try doing some Wake and Shake when you get up in the morning and before you settle down to school work.
Here are some of the benefits of exercise, especially first thing in the morning...
•    Exercise can increase children's concentration and helps them work better
•    Physical activity encourages healthy growth and development
•    Exercise improves our mood as well as reducing anxiety and stress
Try to get a hour of exercise every day 
Make an indoors den!

Ok so it's great fun making a den in the woods, but indoor camping is fab too!  No trees?  Use chairs or clothes dryers, blankets, sheets, coats and cushions. Have you got a torch to light up your den with?  Bring some toys in to keep you company! You can make a den to hide away in, have a party in, go to sleep in, read a book in... !
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Here are links to some lovely meditation videos for children on YouTube, suggested by Miss Wilson:  Kids Sleep Meditation to Let Go of Anxiety | YOUR HAPPY PLACE | Bedtime Story for Children to Sleep - Welcome to Your Happy Place, a sleep meditation for anxiety relief to help all kids, children and young ones of all ages (and yes, including grown ups!) to relax into calm happiness with total inner peace!  Morning Meditation for Kids POSITIVE ENERGY Feel on Top of the World! (Confidence, Focus, Success) - Morning Meditation for Kids POSITIVE ENERGY Feel on Top of the World! - Morning Affirmations for Confidence, Focus and Success Meditation for Kids MORNING MEDITATION for POSITIVE ENERGY is a powerful guided meditation to wake up after sleep, so that children will start the day with awesome feelings of success, confidence and calm self control.  Affirmations for Children ♫♫ Positive Thinking ☆ Self Approval ☆ Confidence ☆ Inner Peace ☆ Courage - Feelgood Uplifting words to encourage children (and adults) to believe in yourself, enhance your feeling self-worth, be more courageous to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, and appreciate yourself for the magnificent being you are. We are all worthy of love. You are awesome!  
There's a new page under the Learning at Home Tab - French activities from Miss Wilson - here.