Hillcrest Topics

Hillcrest Topics

At Hillcrest we believe in a topic based curriculum that enables children to acquire knowledge through the application of skills.

Across the school we:

  • Ensure a clear breadth of study across every year group that allows us to effectively deliver the national curriculum.

  • Develop pupils’ progression in subject skills through our tailor made subject skills set.

  • Timetable lessons effectively so additional subject specific lessons can be taught in addition to topics.

Within each year there are three topics that are centred on science and two that are centred on history. Each of these topics have additional subjects that are taught that complement the main scientific or historical focus. There will also be another topic that explores the ‘local area’ through humanities. Subjects such as PE, ICT, French, PSHE and philosophy will often be taught discreetly and may not be topic based.

Each topic will have a topic overview that outlines the main focus for each subject. These are shared with parents and pupils via the school website. You can find them on each year group’s page.
Our Topic for Term 1 2018 is The Great Fire of London.