All about homework at Hillcrest

Your child's innovative 'No Nonsense Spelling' and times table and inverse homework will be set fortnightly, on a Friday and can be found under their year group tab to the left.  There will be a reminder in the newsletter.

These homework tasks are to be brought in to share on the interactive class displays over the course of the two week focus.  We encourage children to hand these tasks in during the FIRST of the two weeks so the whole class can benefit from having them on the interactive wall displays for as long as possible.


Weekly English Homework (Year 1)

Each week, children are challenged to:

  • find examples of words containing their weekly phonics focus and add them to their class’s interactive spelling wall.
  • familiarise themselves with a few high frequency words 
  • use these words in the context of a sentence/sentences


Weekly Maths Homework (Year 1)

Each week, children are challenged to explore a given number.


No Nonsense Spelling Homework (Year 2 – 6)

  • Homework will be set fortnightly
  • It will comprise of an innovative task, challenging the children to engage with the spelling focus on a critical thinking and/or creative level
  • It is to be brought in to class to be displayed on the interactive spelling wall
  • Alongside this using and applying activity, the child will have five words to learn*, to be selected by the child from the bank provided
  • The children will be tested on their five spellings every Thursday in class, alongside a dictation task
  • Lots of useful spelling strategies are available under the 'Resources for supporting learning at home' tab on the left.

* For Year 3-6, these will be taken from the statutory lists


Times Table & Inverse Homework:

  • Times table homework will be set fortnightly.
  • This will be a recall activity requiring the children to use their knowledge of both multiplication and the corresponding division facts e.g. the multiplication fact 6 x 7 = 42 can be used to quickly recall 42 ÷ 7 = 6 and 42 ÷ 6 = 7.
  • Lots of useful strategies to help times table recall are available on the main homework page of the website. 

Maths and English Homework:

The following Hillcrest homework tasks are designed to be accessed and completed at home. Every term, three English and three maths website links will be uploaded to each year group's Homework page, taking the children directly to a specific activity that will build on their learning in class.

The games, activities and videos will have been selected by the class teachers to give parents and carers insight into their child’s learning in class and clear ways in which they can help support their child’s learning at home.

The children should aim to explore all of the links provided by the end of the term.


Topic projects:

At the start of each topic, teachers will send out a bank of suggested topic homework challenges which will encourage the children to draw on the Four Elements in a self-directed context. There will be a timetabled topic homework session within the term where the children will have an opportunity to share their learning with each other.