It's all Greek...

5th December 2019
Last month, we explored the Greek language and culture, following on from Year 6's text, "Who let the Gods out?" and many children greeted Miss. Wilson in Greek or asked, 'Ola kala?' όλα καλά; (all good / O.K. ?).
Quite a lot of pupils learnt to count to 10 in Greek. Poly kala! πολύ καλά!!!
And whilst a few children tried, only one succeeded!!!!!!!
Barnaby Swinburn in 6PB, you correctly matched the planets in our Solar System with the correct Greek Gods. Congratulations!
Greek Gods related to the planets in our Solar System:
Sun Apollo    Healing and Archery
Mercury Hermes    Messenger
Venus Aphrodite     Love
Earth Gia                   Earth
Mars  Ares                War
Jupiter  Zeus            Leader/King
Saturn  Kronos         Time
Uranus  Oranos        Sky
Neptune  Poseidon  Sea
Pluto      Hades         Underworld
Year 6 extra challenges:
*etymology of 'polygon' = A shape with many corners. πολλές γωνίες ( poll-es gon-i-es)
*Connection between the names of shapes and Greek numbers: the number of sides of the shape is related the the Greek number.; For example, 3 = tria : a triangle has 3 sides. 5 = penday : a pentagon has 5 sides. 6 = hexi. A hexagon has 6 sides, 7 = hepta : a heptagon has 7 sides, 8 = ok-to : a octagon has 8 sides....etc
I wonder what other influences different Greeks have had on Maths....?
Miss Wilson