After School Programme

27th July 2018
Here is the programme of
after school activities for Term 1.
All the clubs run by teachers
and volunteers are free!
 They are open for booking on Gateway now. 
IMPORTANT - Once you have booked, please drop us an email
with the child's name and which clubs you have booked,
to let us know the pick up arrangements:
who will be collecting your child or do they
have permission to walk home alone?
The sports clubs have a maximum of 20 places,
the choirs and Film Club have 30,
Gardening Club 20 and theCraft Club 10.
Once full, they will no longer appear
as an option to book on Gateway.
The Breakfast Club, now run by the school, is also
available to book on Gateway now.
Places in clubs run by outside providers must be
booked with them directly.
New Reception parents - You will not be able to book on Gateway until your child has actually started school. If you need to reserve places in any of our clubs please email the school. We will not be here over the holiday but will pick up emails when we return in September.