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'We are so lucky to be able to help each other, in little ways and in big ways. The reason we are lucky is because helping each other is, in fact, what makes us happy.'
If you have something you would like to share on this community page - photos, videos, messages, children's art, recipes, suggestions for activities, links, birthday greetings, whatever! - email it to Juliet and we'll add it.
Hi Raphy & Mikey!
Hope you enjoy your special day!
J.K. Rowling introduces The Ickabog, an original fairy tale for children in lockdown. The story will be serialised for free online, find out more here:
Harris Eastman (Yr3) and his Dad (Hombre) launch a request 'radiocast' this Saturday, 10am. 
Join us on Saturday at 10am to hear interviews with 'Mr B' (Harris' teacher) plus the one & only Sausage Genius, Johnnie Atkinson. There's also poetry from Harris' Nan, the odd joke AND the chance to win a mystery prize! We're using Mixlr to broadcast our show.
TO LISTEN: Download the Mixlr App, choose 'Listen' and search for 'Lockdown Link Up' OR follow the event link URL.
GET US TO PLAY A SONG: Use the chat function on Mixlr or WhatsApp Hombre on 07843276806. We'd love to know those 'go to songs' cheering you up through lockdown. 
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Paralympian Jack Rutter is rooting for us on our Three Parks Challenge!
Ella in 1MH celebrating finishing the Three Parks Challenge!
"Ruben from 1JF completing the Three Parks Challenge on Sunday 24 May on the Yr 1 day! He completed the whole route - starting at home on Upper Street - with his parents and little sister Nancy who will be starting in reception in September ! We loved it & enjoyed seeing some year 1 friends along the way!  Ruben raised £63 from friends and family."
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Ami and Thomas the dog tackling the Three Parks Challenge on a very windy day! Apparently, Thomas Doesn't Like Kites, not one bit!
"Loads of fun on Reception’s day on the Three Parks Challenge. Arthur from Puffins was so excited to find all the signs and determined to complete his “expedition” (he is a huge Steve Backshall fan). We had packed a bag with water, snack and toys for a picnic in the final park which also seemed to be highly motivating!

Well done for all involved organising this and hopefully plenty of sponsorship raised as a result."
Charlie in RJA has made his own Elderflower cordial this week!
It's the season for Elderflowers and he collected loads of flowers from Eastwood Farm Nature Reserve. (It's such a huge fantastic local woodland along the river valley, near Beeses Tea Gardens.) 
If you'd like to try making your own, Charlie used this recipe:
Silverman's pharmacy had the citric acid for the recipe. 
Hope you've had a brilliant birthday Jack!
The council has just launched a new online hub for children and parents to learn about our city, with fun content, competitions and educational activities.
Visit the We Are Bristol Kids website HERE.
Eight fairies have moved into our neighbourhood! 
Can you find all eight front doors?
Thank you to Molly Ross!

Au revoir Mr Wilson!

It's his last day today. 

Here's a message from Miss Norman:

We could tell immediately that Mr Wilson would fit right in at Hillcrest. 

He is an extremely passionate teacher who always goes above and beyond what is expected of him. 

I’m sure I speak for every single one of the children in his class when I say that his lessons are engaging, fun and memorable. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of walking into his classroom will know that your eyes don’t know where to look first - it’s full of colour and interest and every display/ sign and corner supports and encourages learning. 

Mr Wilson has been covering Mrs Willis’ maternity leave and working in Year 5 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

His partner teacher, Mrs Livingston, interviewed Mr Wilson with me back in September. After we had watched him teach and he had completed his interview she said "Can we keep him?" - a ringing endorsement if ever there was one!  

No, I'm afraid we can’t.... at least, not for Term 6.  

But I’m delighted to say that Mr Wilson WILL be back at Hillcrest in September. (I'll let you know which class he'll be taking in the first week of Term 6.) 

All the best Mr Wilson. Thank you, and see you in September.

PS  Being the man he is, Mr Wilson will still be checking in with the class on Seesaw and Zoom when he can in Term 6!


Bridget Norman


Scroll through the gallery to read some of the messages sent in for Mr Wilson by colleagues and pupils.....




2020 Virtual Summer School Games

Welcome to the West of England Summer School Games Virtual Challenge hosted by our School Games Ambassador Simran Kaur and Young Leaders from Ashton Park School!

The virtual challenge was developed in association with your School Game Organisers and is an activity that you can do in your home, yard or garden or at school.  It gives you the chance to achieve your personal best and take part with other children from across B&NES, Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset!

Every Monday at 10am we will post a new challenge. 

School Games Ambassador Simran Kaur


Our Young Leaders will demonstrate the activity and let you know the rules.  All you need to do is practice the activity and get a member of your family or teacher to record your results of the challenge and submit them by 11.59pm on the Sunday.

Find out more and register HERE.




Oh my goodness! Look at this, small world fans! Miniature books! And how to make your own! Click on the link.
Mrs Fleming
An excellent small world photo from the Ross family. Simple but effective!
Woah! SKILLS Noah! And what a great shot, Cat!
What a shame we can't go camping at the moment. Scarlet in 4SL enjoyed setting up this small world camp site scene though! 
Win our massive £5,000/€5,000 National Book Tokens prize to refresh the school library for generations of children to come. The winning entrant also takes home £100/€120 of National Book Tokens just for them. Whether you work in a school or have school-aged children yourself, you’ll know the importance of a good school library – and not just for learning.
Woody in 1MH has used his toy animals to make this very well-organised mini world farm!
Remember Maya's Sponsored Silence?
She managed to keep shtum for 12 whole waking hours last Friday, without bursting!
She has raised over £1,300 for NHS Charities Together!
Incredible! Well done Maya!
And thank you to everyone who sponsored her. Her Just Giving page is still open for donations here.
Otto in 1JF spent a day last week exploring Australia. Taking on a challenge from Mrs Flook, he researched Uluru. Then, in response to Mrs Fleming's Very Small Challenge, he made this mini model of it!
Here's Jet with her green Blue Peter badge, which arrived this week!
She earned this for organising the charity cake sale for the WWF at school earlier this year. 
She would like to say thank you so much again to everyone who supported her! 
Barnaby Mager in Ms Ackerman's class has spent hours creating this fabulous model village! He's submitting it to Grayson Perry's Art Club too!
Sofia and Lydia Chesterman have made this wonderfully detailed miniature bakery using air drying clay. 
Spanish Club are on line! Here are a week's worth of weather reports in Spanish.  If you are interested in joining Spanish club in the future please contact Felicity at
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Do you have a STAR teacher? Do you miss seeing them every day? This Thank A Teacher Day let’s take the opportunity to say thank you to all our amazing teachers and support staff, who are doing a star job each and every day.
Here's the challenge again, in case you missed it.... 
Very Small Challenge from Mrs Fleming
I've always loved miniature things... dolls houses, model villages, dioramas... tiny worlds of all sorts. One of my favourite places to visit is Madurodam in Den Haag in the Netherlands - the most amazing model world!
Would you like to make your own tiny scene and send me a photo? It might be a miniature garden on a tray or in a pot, a scene you make with your toys, a tiny room in a box, a miniscule meal... the miniature world is your oyster!
Here are some pictures to inspire you! 
Olive in 6PB has taken up Mrs Fleming's Very Small Challenge too. Working in air-drying clay, she's created miniscule food and crockery! Just look at the size of these things compared to a pencil point!
This is from Darcey in 5WL. She made this small world beach in a box. So many great details! Love the way she has used sea glass as the water!
Wilma wishes everyone a Happy VE Day!
Have a fantastic birthday Sofia!

Don't feel under pressure to recreate the classroom at  home. Take this time to play and have fun with your child - make a den, bake, build, cuddle up with a film or a book, do arts and crafts - try to make the most of this opportunity to spend precious time together.

(from the BCC Educational Psychology Service's Top 10 Tips for Wellbeing) 





Mummy can you help me?
Mummy do you have a rubber?
Mummy what’s a fronted adverbial?
Mummy can you print me off this worksheet? 
Mummy what are you working on?
Mummy can I help you with your work? 
Mummy can I have a go on your computer?
Mummy can I have your phone?
Mummy I know you said not to disturb you but I've got something really important to ask you...
Mummy would you like to be a woodlouse? 
Mummy what would your name be if you were a woodlouse?
Mummy i'm bored. 
Mummy can I have a snack?
Mummy can I have another snack? 
Mummy is it break time yet?
Mummy is it screen time yet? 
Mummy why did God create the corona virus? 
Mummy do you think we are all going to die? 
Mummy I think the dog's fallen down the toilet again...
Mummy do you think you are a good teacher?
Mummy you aren't actually a very good teacher...
Mummy my teacher is much better than you. 
Mummy if this is meant to be school then why are you drinking wine?
Mummy my teachers don't drink wine during lessons. 
Mummy why do you like wine so much?
Mummy why are you just staring into space..
Via Facebook, courtesy of Rebecca Pearson - thank you!
Noah is the first to take up Mrs Fleming's Very Small Challenge!
He's made a small world football stadium. There's a Liverpool (his favourite team) vs Leicester City match on. Who's going to win?
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Luke in Reception made this very special Dinosaur Quiz for his friend Arthur!

Art & Craft Materials available on line from Scrapstore

If you are running out of art materials at home and need some scrap materials for inspiration at the kitchen table, then Children's Scrapstore could be the answer. Click here to see their thoughtfully assembled bags and boxes that have been filled with Scrapstore and Artshop materials to help families with creative play during the Covid-19 crisis. 

You can even buy a box to support a family in need. 





This year's Hay Festival has a programme created especially for learning at home, bringing authors straight from their house to yours from Monday 18 – Friday 22 May.

Each day, from 8am onwards, you can see two primary (years 3-6) authors introduced by Konnie Huq and two secondary (years 7-10) authors introduced by Jenny Valentine. These events will be available to watch again on Hay Player and you can access teaching materials to support learning before, during and after the festival.

This digital programme has been kindly funded by Welsh Government.

Click on the link to find out more.

Here's our first Digital Media submission for the Summer Exhibition!
Which member of staff is this? Any guesses?
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Enjoy your special day Brody!
The Hixson family have created this beautiful 'Lockdown 2020' tree using their fingerprints to make the leaves. What a positive way to remember this strange period in our lives.
Here's a nice idea you might like to try.
"This is Arlo’s collage he made from our bicycle trip photographs.  
We go cycling. The kids stop to take photographs of striking imagery, colourful flowers, wildlife etc. We print them out at home and cut them up then create a lovely textured collage from the pieces.  You should have seen how proud he was of this; I went out and he waited by the door for me to return so he could show me the finished piece." Grace Ingram

Arlo is Arthur Ingram's little brother. He’s not strictly a Hillcrest pupil yet, but we're going to add this lovely collage to our Summer Exhibition anyway.
Yr 2 were asked to write a note to someone who’s helping the community as part of a piece of work they were doing about Captain Tom. Isaac wrote this lovely note, with a picture of my camera.
Thank you Isaac. You've made my day!
Mrs Fleming
How are we doing?
We would love some feedback.
Click HERE for our Lockdown Questionnaire.
Our air raid shelter has popped up in the news again. It turns out we weren't the only Bristol school to have one. Our old Head Mr Browse's school, Air Balloon Hill Primary, has one too, amongst others.