23rd January 2020


Each month we will be thinking about an important value, what that looks like in our day to day lives and how it links to our four Hillcrest Values (Resilience, Innovation, Partnership and Excellence). Our value for January is Kindness.

Thank you to Ella in Yr 6 for this gorgeous design!




What a great poem from Elliot Long in 4CS!
We like the message so much we've put it up on the noticeboards around the school. We particularly enjoy the lines 
'Never be unkind to others,
Even if they are your brothers!'
which have a touch of Roald Dahl about them!
It's hard to read in the picture, so here's the poem in full:
Kindness is all around,
In the park of the school ground, 
Nice or nasty, you decide,
Don't let others change your mind.
Never be unkind to others,
Even if they are your brothers!
Small acts of kindness makes everyones day a little better
So why don't you send someone a nice letter?
Did you know that a poem like this, in which the first letter of each line spells out a word, message or the alphabet, is called an Acrostic?