20th May 2019
Can you believe that all these items from lost property are un-named?
At this week's Parents' Evenings you will be able to pick up five free Stikins labels with your child's name on. 
Please use them!
If you like them, it's easy to order more - just click here


Easy to use - no sewing or ironing - just stick to the clothing label

Washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher and even micro-wave proof. 

Uses include clothes, lunch boxes, water bottles, shoes, bags, PE kit, glasses cases, trainers, musical instruments, books, phones, etc.

Saving you money - It's a fact of life... children can be careless with their things! The lost property cupboard is constantly stuffed with literally hundreds of pounds-worth of un-claimed, un-named garments. If we can return just one labelled coat or jumper to your child you'll have covered the cost of the labels!

It's a great fundraiser for the school too!  

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