Language of the Month for December - SPANISH

Our Language of the Month is
We are exploring and celebrating Spanish-speaking cultures. 
If anyone has any trivia, recipes, customs or anecdotes they would like to share, they are welcome to get in touch...
This month's Golden Ticket Challenges are: 
  • count from 1 to 10 in Spanish 
  • find 10 things Spanish-speaking countries are famous for (e.g. food, a landmark, a dance, a style of music, a person....)
  • find out how the question mark is used in Spanish.
As ever, anyone using any of this month's Spanish phrases when they see Miss Wilson will get a dojo point.
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Wow! A pop-up Spanish and ukelele Christmas performance!
Felis Navidad!
To celebrate our Language of the Month, Miss Wilson and the after school ukulele club treated us to a promenade performance through the school! Their  songs included Felis Navidad and Jingle Bells.

If you're interested in learning ukulele, there are spaces in Aiden's Ukulele Club for Term 3, after school on Thursdays. Email for details.