Language of the Month for February - URDU

Our Language of the Month is
the official language of Pakistan (alongside English).

Urdu is spoken as a first language by 70 million people and, in total, by about 100 million people. It is mainly spoken in Pakistan and India.

There are approximately 1,360,000 people of Pakistani origin in the UK.

This month's Golden Ticket Challenge:
Count to ten in Urdu...
... and/or answer these questions about Pakistani culture:

Useful website links:

Count in Urdu 1 to 100:  

Animals in Urdu:  

Vegetables in Urdu:  

Learn Urdu (for kids):

Some places to visit in Pakistan...
Some traditional food and drink from Pakistan...


Did you know, that before Pakistan and India separated in 1947, they were one country (India)?

Indian and British soldiers fought side by side in both World Wars.

Many people from Pakistan, India and the surrounding countries continue to have friendly relationship with Britain.


People around the world use different words, but remember...