Language of the Month for November - GREEK

Our Language of the Month is
Children will be awarded Dojo points if they attempt to speak Greek with Miss Wilson!
There are 3 Golden ticket challenges this month:
1, Name the planets in our solar system AND the Greek Gods related to them.
2. Count 1 to 10 in Greek
3. Find 5 English words that come from Greek
The first golden ticket winners are:
Lukey Burgess, who found 5 words in English from Greek: air, angle, zoology, police, ocean.
Hannah Broadbent also found 5 words from Greek: philosophy, philosopher, galaxy, galactic, astronomy.
Joseph Armitage,  who counted to 10 in Greek
A big well done to Isaac Jordan, who almost counted correctly to 10 in Greek.
Barnaby Swinburn was the first pupil to match the Greek Gods with the planets in our solar system. Well done. Poly kala! πολύ καλά! (very good).
Evie, 3NA, won a Golden Ticket for finding more than five words in English that come from Greek. Well done! She also had a go at matching the planets to the Greek Gods. She matched four and got five Dojo Points. Good effort!
There is still time ....
Link to Greek alphabet and vocabulary: